About us

CareerCoach is a service founded with the aim of bridging the gap between students and professions that cater the world today.

Our aim is to provide affordable and professional guidance to career-oriented students at the comfort of their home. At CareerCoach inquisitive minds, inspired souls and young-minds looking for direction receive the mentorship they need to excel at the profession of their choice.

Our process

We have designed our service into a simple three step procedure to make sure that your assistance seeking expereince is smooth and hassle free!

Click on the register button to select the package that suits your needs. Fill out the registration form.
Within 1-3 days we will connect you to one of our mentors according to your requirement. This will be an introductory call.
We will take your timings into consideration and contact you for the mentorship session. The details will be sent via email.

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